The Foundation Pit

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The Foundation Pit

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Happy Moscow Andrey Platonov. Soul Andrey Platonov. All previous translations were done from a seriously bowdlerized text.

Andrey Platonov

The Foundation Pit (Russian: Котлован, kotlovan) is a gloomy symbolic and semi -satirical novel by Andrei Platonov. The plot of the novel concerns a group of. In Andrey Platonov's The Foundation Pit, a team of workers has been given the job of digging the foundation of an immense edifice, a palatial home for the.

The eldest of eleven children, he began work at the age of thirteen, eventually becoming an engine-driver's assistant. He began publishing poems and articles in , while studying engineering. Throughout much of the twenties Platonov worked as a land reclamation expert, draining swamps, digging wells and also building three small power stations.

Between and he wrote his most politically controversial works, some of them first published in the Soviet Union only in the late s.